H&R Block supports you when growing your family or taking care of a loved one.


From planning for and building a family, to caring for a family member, we have benefits and resources that can help you when you need support.

Growing Family Benefits and Programs

Growing your family is an exciting time! But it can also feel stressful or confusing. WINFertility and Cleo are here to help guide you through the parenting journey.

Support to grow your family with WINFertility

No matter how you grow your family, H&R Block is here to help. The new Family Building Benefit assists eligible associates and their families with adoption, surrogacy and infertility expenses. The Family Building Benefit will reimburse up to a combined lifetime maximum of $30,000 in qualified fertility and/or adoption and surrogacy costs for eligible associates and their families. The Family Building Benefit consists of two components: the H&R Block Adoption and Surrogacy Reimbursement Program and coverage of certain fertility expenses under the Anthem medical plan.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, your first step is to contact a nurse care manager at WINFertility. These specially trained care managers will help you throughout the process with an individualized care plan. Call 844-846-0349 or visit https://managed.winfertility.com/hrblock.

You can also refer to these resources:

The Adoption and Surrogacy Program covers U.S. regular (non-seasonal) associates. For more information on benefits available under this component, please review the H&R Block Adoption and Surrogacy Reimbursement Program Policy.

The Fertility Program is available to U.S. regular (non-seasonal) associates and their dependents who are covered under an H&R Block Anthem medical plan. For more information on what fertility-related expenses are covered, please refer to the Summary Plan Document or the Anthem medical plan.

Support for working families with Cleo

Cleo provides working parents a personal support and action plan through the pregnancy journey up through baby’s first year. Cleo guides are here to answer questions and provide you one-on-one support. Cleo also has extensive resources, parenting classes, learning resources for managers and information on topics such as child care, sleep, family dynamics and more. You’ll also have access to specialists on lactation, sleep and child development. And when your little one arrives, you’ll receive a care package at home that includes a little H&R Block hoodie!

Getting started is easy – visit hicleo.com/activate to download the app and use your H&R Block email address to enroll. You can also refer to the Cleo flyer for more information.

Note: Regular associates enrolled in our medical plan are eligible for this program.

More Support for You and Your Family

Find more benefits and resources to support you and your family throughout this site! Click below to find:

Paid Parental and Caregiver Leave

At H&R Block, we understand how meaningful time is with a new addition to your family or how important it is to take care of a loved one. We want to provide you peace of mind to take the time when you need it.

  • Paid parental leave: We will provide eight weeks of paid parental leave for birth, surrogacy or adoption of a child. Both parents are eligible for parental leave, and this benefit is in addition to the short-term disability provided for the birth parent. To apply for paid parental leave, contact New York Life at 888-842-4462. Refer to the policy for more details, and visit the Life Journey page for additional steps you can take.
  • Paid caregiver leave: We will provide up to four weeks of paid caregiver leave if you need to care for a family member who has a serious health condition. Use this time to help your family member get to treatment, take care of themselves, or provide additional support. Associates will need to meet the qualifications for FMLA leave or the H&R Block Leave of Absence policy to be eligible for paid caregiver leave. To apply for paid caregiver leave, contact New York Life at 888-842-4462. Refer to the policy for more details, and visit the Life Journey page for additional steps you can take.