Choosing well-being now means your future self will enjoy a healthier, happier mind and body, and our collective health choices ultimately affect benefit costs for all of us. The tools and resources you need to achieve a healthier lifestyle are at your fingertips.


Virgin Pulse Well-being Program

Personalized support, coaching, resources and rewards to help you get or stay healthy. Select your own healthy journey, get tips on healthy habits, participate in challenges and explore over 250 digital courses to help you create a healthy plan and earn rewards while doing it!


Your health plan is committed to helping you achieve your best health. Rewards for participating in a well-being program (such as the Freedom From Smoking® Plus tobacco cessation program) are available to all eligible associates. If you think you might be unable to meet a standard for a reward under this Well-being Program, you might qualify for an opportunity to earn the same reward by different means. Contact the People Center at 877-2CALLHR (877-222-5547), and we will work with you to find an activity with the same reward that is right for you in light of your health status.

Get Started
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Step 1:

Sign up for Virgin Pulse by going to the Virgin Pulse website.

Step 2:

Accept the terms and conditions, and set your communication preferences.

Step 3:

Complete activities to earn points towards Virgin Pulse Cash. Each quarter, associates can earn up to $100 and spouses/domestic partners can earn $50 in Pulse Cash that can be redeemed for a variety of well-being items or donated to a good cause. Points need to be deposited into your account by the last day of each calendar quarter, and the points reset with the first day of each quarter.

See what types of programs are available:

Whil Digital Well-being offered through Virgin Pulse: Find 250 digital courses on a variety of topics, including focus, meditation, resiliency, mental and emotional well-being, and performance. You earn Virgin Pulse points for completing a Whil session, and even more points for completing multiple sessions in a month or completing a program!

These are just a few of the mini-courses Virgin Pulse has to offer to support the total well-being of you and your family.

Explore a few of the digital courses!
Learn to Meditate

Learn how to practice mindfulness and quiet reflection with courses like ‘Mindfulness 101’ and ‘Practice in Silence.’

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Managing stress and anxiety can seem overwhelming, but you have support to help, including ‘Shifting Stress’, ‘Accepting and Letting Go’ and ‘Focus and Be Calm.’

Be Happier

Life will throw you curveballs, but small steps and daily habits can lead to a happier life. Check out courses like ‘Understand your Emotions’ and ‘Tap into Joy’ to find out more.

Boost Physical Health

Physical health is important for overall well-being, and courses like ‘Connect with Your Body’, ‘Resilience in Illness’, and ‘Be Body Positive’ can help boost your activity and confidence.

Take One-Minute Breaks

Take time for yourself and focus on the now with courses that teach you how to be present, including ‘Be Here Now’ and ‘Mindful Moments.’

Connect Your Mind and Body

Connect your mind and your body by exploring yoga mini-courses; you can even learn the basics with ‘Yoga for Beginners’ or practice at work with ‘Desk Yoga.’

Build Emotional Intelligence

Gain insights into identifying your own emotions, and also recognizing the emotions of others with courses such as ‘Develop Self-Awareness’ and ‘Thriving Together.’

Improve Relationships

Build your relationships with those that matter most by learning from ‘Connect with your Partner’, ‘Mindful Parenting’ and ‘Thriving Together.’

Focus and Grow

Learning is a lifelong pursuit, and can take on a variety of forms; grow your confidence and mental well-being with courses such as ‘Overcome Mental Hurdles’, ‘Imagine Your Best Future’ and ‘Expand your Creativity.’

Thrive at Work

You can take steps today to improve your career in the future; check out ‘Thrive in Creative Industries’, ‘Taking Care of Others’ and ‘Taking Care of Yourself.’

Sleep Better

Sleep is for a vital component of your overall health, and you can learn how to improve your sleep with courses such as ‘Ease into Sleep’ and ‘Sleep for Success.’

Coaching with Virgin Pulse
  • Phone: Talk to a professional clinician and coach over the phone and get one-on-one support, expert guidance, and help navigating your health care questions.
  • Peer: Request a peer coach online or via the app for someone to cheer you on as you make your way toward better health.
  • Digital: Daily, self-guided journey courses that can help you build healthy habits one step each day, such as getting a better night’s sleep, exercising more, managing finances, and more. Each Journey lasts from eight to 14 days and involves reading articles, watching a video, etc.


BetterYou is a digital coach that helps you stay on track with your healthy habits! You enter goals that are important to you and the app automatically gets information from your phone to track how you’re doing against your goals. Want to make sure you call mom every week, but got lost on YouTube? Have a goal to get to sleep at a certain time, but got caught up binge watching your favorite show? The app will nudge with you with a reminder about the goals you had set! It’s easy to sign up! Visit your app store, select the app on your Android or iPhone, sign up with your H&R Block email and follow the instructions to set your first goal. Learn more about BetterYou.


Freedom From Smoking® Plus

Ready to quit smoking? Our free tobacco cessation program in partnership with the American Lung Association has helped hundreds of thousands of former smokers quit.

American Lung Association tobacco cessation counselors offer telephone, chat and email support during this 12-month program. In addition, the technology solution has interactive elements to help you learn about your tobacco addiction, identify what motivates you to quit and obstacles to overcome so that you can live tobacco-free. You can work at your own pace and revisit the course as often as you like during your 12-month membership. Once you complete the program and quit smoking, the tobacco surcharge of $37.50 per paycheck can be removed from your medical premium.


Club 1040

Exercise positively impacts stress, weight and overall health. Club 1040 is currently offering virtual group exercise classes, and members can also find workshops, nutrition and activity challenges, e-coaching and personalized exercise plans.

Your spouse/domestic partner can also exercise and earn Virgin Pulse points. Make it more fun by working together toward better health!

Club 1040 Monthly Rate

For associates who work in the Kansas City area and have access to Club 1040, you will pay a premium of $20 per month for associate only coverage and an additional $20 per month for spouse/domestic partner to take part in the Club 1040 program.


Improve Health & Save Money

By making thoughtful choices, you can improve your health and save money at the same time. Here are 10 tips to help you and your family be healthy and save money:

  1. Use your free in-network preventive care that is included under all of H&R Block’s medical plans to help detect and prevent health issues early. You pay nothing for annual physicals, immunizations, routine cancer screenings and more, as long as you receive these services from in-network providers.
  2. Use tax-free money to pay for eligible health expenses. Contributing to a Health Savings Account (HSA) and/or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can save you money on expenses you would have to pay for anyway.
  3. Check with Anthem BCBS to confirm that your provider is in-network before you receive care, or to see if a particular service is covered under your plan.
  4. Buy generic drugs and use the mail-order program. There is often a significant price difference between generic drugs and brand-name drugs. Choosing generic drugs can save you money. Another way to save on prescriptions you take regularly is to use the mail-order program instead of purchasing from a retail pharmacy. You can only fill a 30-day supply at a retail pharmacy and 90-day long-term medications through the mail-order program. Use mail order for the convenience of 90-day supplies delivered right to your home and enjoy cost savings through deeper discounts. On average, you save 25% on costs when you fill long-term prescriptions through mail order versus retail.
  5. Take your Health Assessment and get your biometric screening. Your spouse/domestic partner can, too.
  6. Consider your options when you need care. Not all doctors and facilities charge the same amount for similar care. For example, you may save money by visiting an urgent care facility instead of the emergency room when appropriate.
  7. Consider LiveHealth Online. Get immediate access to doctors, therapists, and other health care professionals from your computer.
  8. Use the Anthem Engage shopping tool to shop for health care services and compare costs and quality among providers.
  9. Take advantage of Your Anthem Nurse. You may be eligible to receive special assistance if your health care situation is more complex. An Anthem Health Nurse can help you develop a plan of care, monitor your health, and schedule and prepare for appointments and tests with your physician. If you qualify, this is provided for associates and family members at no additional cost.
  10. Get rewarded for good health. You and your spouse/domestic partner can earn rewards throughout the year by taking a number of actions that will contribute to good health. These actions will help you lose weight as well as find activities and preventive care that are known to improve blood pressure, body weight index, cholesterol and more.