Open Enrollment Is Now Closed

H&R Block is excited to expand our benefit offerings in 2022! You'll find family friendly benefits, enhanced mental health support, additional support programs for you and your family, and enhancements to give you more choice. H&R Block is committed to investing in you and your well-being and want our benefits to remain competitive, flexible and affordable, with the aim of supporting the unique needs of our associates at each life stage. Be sure to check out all of the updates for 2022!

Open Enrollment is now closed. Explore this page to understand what is new and changing for 2022.​


What’s New and Changing for 2022

Learn more about what's new and changing for 2022, so you are prepared to use the benefits that are right for you. And, learn more about the enhanced family friendly benefits and programs coming in 2022!

Benefit What’s New and Changing
NEW Medical Plan Option

We have added a new Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan to your medical plan options, which will replace the Plus High Deductible (HD) Plan. The PPO Plan offers a lower deductible and out-of-pocket maximum in exchange for higher per paycheck premiums. (If you elect the PPO Plan, you can no longer contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA), but you can contribute to a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Check out the FSA page for more details.)

We will continue to offer the HD Value Plan and HD Standard Plan, which pair lower per paycheck premiums with a higher deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. While these plans have not changed for 2022, their names have been updated to reflect that they are “high deductible” (or HD) plans.

See your medical plan options side by side.

Increased HSA Contribution

We have increased the company contribution to your HSA to $400 for individual coverage and $500 if you cover yourself and dependents. To receive this contribution, you must enroll in the HD Value Plan or HD Standard Plan, and the HSA, and make a minimum annual contribution of $150.

The IRS has increased the contribution limits for the Health Savings Account (HSA). The amount you and H&R Block can contribute in 2022 is:

  • Individual: $3,650
  • Family: $7,300
  • Over age 55 “catch-up” contribution: $1,000
NEW Dental Plan Option

We are offering two dental plan options, giving you choice and flexibility when choosing your dental coverage. The Basic Dental Plan will offer you standard coverage, including annual cleanings, and preventive care, while the Enhanced Dental Plan will provide standard coverage as well as orthodontia coverage.

See your dental plan options side by side.

Your Per Paycheck Cost for Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage

Premiums are what you automatically contribute from each paycheck for coverage.

  • Medical: Premiums will increase slightly, based on the plan you elect.
  • Dental: Premiums for the Basic Dental Plan (no orthodontia coverage) will decrease, and premiums for the Enhanced Dental Plan (includes orthodontia coverage) will increase, when compared to current premiums.
  • Vision: Premiums will remain unchanged for 2022.

Review your premiums.

Company-paid Long-Term Disability Coverage with Option for Buy Up We will now pay for your Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage! LTD coverage provides you a portion of your salary if you are seriously injured or ill and unable to work for an extended time. The company will pay for coverage of 40% of your monthly base salary. This will be an automatic benefit; you do not need to elect this coverage. If you’d like more coverage, you can elect to buy up for coverage of 60% of your monthly base salary (up to $20,000).
Enhanced Family Friendly Benefits and Programs We have expanded our benefits and programs to support you through some of life’s biggest challenges and changes, such as starting and growing your family, or taking time off to care for your loved ones. Learn more.

2022 Per Paycheck Premiums

2022 Premiums

Premiums are the amounts that come out of your paycheck for coverage. See your 2022 premiums below, or download the PDF. (Premiums for associates located in Hawaii are in the PDF.)

Good news for part-time regular associates: You will now pay the same premiums as full-time associates for medical, dental and vision coverage!


Coverage Level HD Value Plan HD Standard Plan NEW for 2022! PPO Plan
Associate only $50.50 $78.50 $115.00
Associate + spouse/domestic partner $105.50 $158.00 $230.50
Associate + child(ren) $93.50 $142.50 $206.50
Family $145.00 $219.00 $319.50


Coverage Level Basic Dental Plan Enhanced Dental Plan
Associate only $7.75 $10.25
Associate + spouse/domestic partner $17.75 $22.75
Associate + child(ren) $16.25 $21.25
Family $25.75 $33.25


Coverage Level Vision Plan
Associate only $2.25
Associate + spouse/domestic partner $3.75
Associate + child(ren) $3.50
Family $5.75

Enhanced Family Benefits and Programs

At H&R Block we care about our associates and know that they have big changes that happen both at work and outside of work. We're excited to offer new and expanded programs in 2022 that will help you when growing or supporting your family. Click the video icon to the right to watch videos of associates' personal success stories, and then click below to learn more about each program. Watch for more details available later this year!

Support to grow your family with WINFertility.

No matter the journey you take to build your family, there is support for you. We will now offer infertility treatment (for those on our medical plan), as well as adoption and surrogacy support, up to a $30,000 lifetime limit. Through the Fertility Support Program, administered by WINFertility, you’ll also receive personalized guidance, education and emotional support every step of the way.

Support for working families with Cleo.

We know balancing a healthy pregnancy and adjusting to baby’s first year of life can be challenging. Our new family support platform, powered by Cleo, supports working families throughout their family planning and parenting journey, including help navigating the ups, downs and complications of pregnancy. The platform provides one-on-one support with a personalized app and guides that are dedicated to help you and your family thrive.

Support when you need to take time away from work with paid parental leave and paid caretaker leave.

Being there for family and knowing you can take the time to care for them, is so important. At Block, we understand how meaningful this time can be and want to provide you the peace of mind to take the time when you need it.

  • We will provide eight weeks of paid parental leave for birth, surrogacy or adoption of a child. Both parents are eligible for parental leave, and this benefit is in addition to the short-term disability provided for the birth parent.
  • We will provide up to four weeks of paid caretaker leave if you need to care for a family member who has a serious health condition. Use this time to help a family member get to treatment, take care of themselves, or provide additional support.

More information will be available later this year.

Support for neurodiversity with Rethink.

Our partner, Rethink, provides coaching, resources and support for families with a neurodiverse child, or for neurodiverse associates or leaders working with neurodiverse associates. This benefit is offered at no cost to all regular and seasonal associates and is available now! Learn more now.

Support for your total well-being with Lyra Health and Ria.

Mental health support is a critical part of your total well-being. We’re excited to offer a new, robust mental health support program, supported by two partners that specialize in this area.

  • Introducing your new mental health hub, Lyra Health. You’ll have the mental health and emotional support you need when and where you need it. Expect expert recommendations, medicine management, online scheduling, and next-day appointments with high-quality coaches, therapists and physicians to support your and your family’s needs. Get care how you want it – through video chat, live messaging or in person. This enhanced mental health support program will replace the current Employee Assistance Program for regular associates.
  • Introducing a new substance abuse support partner, Ria. Balancing technology and evidence-based care to deliver you results from the comfort of your home, Ria provides telehealth treatment for alcoholism. This benefit is available to associates on our medical plan and in select states.
Support to help you reach your goals with BetterYou.

An AI companion that helps you achieve the physical, social, development and mindfulness goals that are important to you! Set your goals in the app, progress against your goals is tracked automatically from data on your phone and if you happen to get off track, you'll receive a “nudge" with reminders about the goals you set. This benefit is offered at no cost to regular and seasonal associates.

Support to help you become a healthier you with digbi health.

The first gut microbiome and genetic risk-based precision care program proven to reduce weight and inflammatory illness. This personalized care plan, which includes expert coaching, is available to regular associates on HRB's medical plan or an associate's eligible dependents on HRB's medical plan who are over 18, and meet one of the following qualifying criteria:

  • BMI 25-30 with 1 or more co-morbidities: Digestive Disorder, Sleep Apnea, Hypertension, Pre-diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Elevated Cholesterol, PCOS, Chronic Pain, Skin Disorder or;
  • BMI > 30 or;
  • BMI less than 25 and taking over-the-counter or prescription drugs for skin or digestive disorders

Learn more about digbi health today and watch the personal story from one of HRB's associates.