These simple tools can help you understand your benefits, make informed decisions and pursue your personal well-being goals.


Per Paycheck Premiums

For a quick and easy reference of the monthly and per paycheck premiums you will be responsible for paying under each plan, click here. You should carefully consider the cost of coverage when choosing your benefit elections.

Medical Plan Surcharges

The amount you pay each month for your medical plan, or your premium, may vary if you use tobacco or cover a spouse or domestic partner who has access to other medical coverage.

  • Tobacco-Use Surcharge: A tobacco-use surcharge of $75 monthly ($37.50 per paycheck) will apply for all coverage levels if the associate uses tobacco products. Associates must attest to their tobacco status during enrollment. Want help to quit smoking? Learn more about the tobacco cessation program here. You also can contact the People Center for more information.
  • Spousal/Domestic Partner Surcharge: The spouse/domestic partner surcharge of $100 monthly ($50 per paycheck) will be applied only if your spouse/domestic partner has other medical coverage available through their employer but chooses to enroll in an H&R Block medical plan.

Medical Plan Cost Estimator

As you consider your coverage choices for 2022, take the time to compare your options using the Medical Plan Cost Estimator. This easy-to-use modeling tool allows you to estimate your future health care costs and compare medical plans side-by-side, so you can easily evaluate your options. Adobe Flash Player is required to access and use the Medical Plan Cost Estimator.


Anthem Engage

Anthem Engage is an online tool and app that lets you easily compare the costs and quality of providers, facilities, prescriptions, and treatments so you can find the right care at the right price. You and your covered family members can use Engage all year long to help you make the right choices for your health and budget.

If you are new to Engage, you will need to register to use the tool.

Choose one of the following options to access Engage:

  1. Go to Anthem Engage
  2. Search for “Engage” in your mobile app store
  3. Call an H&R Block Engage Guide at 888-920-4753

Find a Doctor

It is always important to check if your current providers participate in the Anthem BCBS network. An easy way to do this is by visiting the Anthem pre-enrollment website.

Need help?

Just review the Provider Search Instructions before launching your search.

Alternate Networks

Associates in Kansas City, Mo., St. Louis, Mo., and Florida must use providers in the Anthem BCBS local alternate network. It is important that you search for providers in your appropriate network to ensure they will be covered as in-network providers. In some cases, providers may be listed as in-network in the national Anthem BCBS directory, but not in the alternate network. If you see a doctor who is not listed in the alternate network in your area, your services will be covered at the out-of-network level. For this reason, it is very important that you check the provider directories on our enrollment site. If you need assistance, call Anthem BCBS at 866-510-4736.