The H&R Block Employee Stock Purchase Plan provides all eligible associates with the opportunity to buy shares of H&R Block common stock at a 15% discount.

With this plan, we hope to encourage associates to make a long-term investment in H&R Block, so you can share in any future successes of the company.

Who is eligible for the ESPP?

You are eligible to participate in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan if you have been continuously employed by H&R Block for at least 12 consecutive months and are customarily employed at least 20 hours per week and for more than five months in any calendar year.

How the Employee Stock Purchase Plan Works
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Enrollment periods

There are two enrollment periods each year — one in December and one in June.

Contribute through payroll deductions

During the Employee Stock Purchase Open Enrollment period, you may choose to contribute up to 10% (after-tax) of your total, eligible compensation to this plan through convenient payroll deductions.

Option Periods

Your contributions accumulate during a designated period of time called Option Periods. There are two Option Periods each year for the Employee Stock Purchase Plan:

  • January 1 – June 30, with enrollment in December
  • July 1 – December 31, with enrollment in June
Discounted purchase price

At the end of the Option Period, your contributions are used to buy shares at a purchase price that is 85% of the fair market value of common stock as of the last day of the Option Period. That is a 15% discount on H&R Block stock prices!

Individual brokerage account

The shares of common stock are placed in an individual brokerage account in your name and are subject to a six-month holding period. After the six-month holding period, you may hold, transfer, assign or sell the common stock.

Please Note

Once you make an election, you cannot change your election or withdraw from the plan until the next Option Period.

Tax Liability

Transferring, assigning or selling the shares may create a tax liability depending on the length of time you held the shares. See the Employee Stock Purchase Plan SPD for more information.

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